Our Ingredients

Ingredients you can recognize.

Ingredients, when natural and sustainable, come from various parts of the world at different times. For instance, peppermint is grown in Europe, Asia and North America and when looking for quality peppermint essential oil for Audra’s Products, we do our best to obtain it from trustworthy growers and manufacturers.

Our products are made with the safest ingredients we can acquire, are naturally derived from plant sources and are considered GREEN/ULTRA on the Whole Foods Market Eco-Scale.

How many companies can say this?

Our Products

Sweet Tingly Mint
Everyday Sea Spray
All Purpose & Glass Cleaner

CLEAN EVERY DAY! You may just want to if your kitchen could smell like a spa...some say it may even inspire you to clean.

Sweet Tingly Mint
In the Bare Bathroom Cleaner

CLEAN NAKED! In The Bare Bathroom Cleaner is one of the most effective products on the market...and so safe you don't have to worry about getting it on your skin.

Vitalizing Fruit & Vegetable Wash

An "edible" and natural soap to denature chemicals such as pesticides and safely remove bacteria. Even if it's organic, it's been handled and could use a little spray. Great for cleaning cutting boards, too!

Foaming Fresh Hand Soap

Sticky gels, parabens, synthetic fragrance and sulfates... Why be exposed to these when you can just be REAL. Our Foaming Fresh Hand Soap is a creamy, minty soap that will not only delight your family, but keep them naturally clean.

P-U Pet Clean Up

P-U Pet Clean Up was inspired by YOU...our wonderful customers! So many people were using our home cleaners to clean up after their furry ones, that a slight change in the formula and viola! a new product was created.
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Where are Audra’s Products Sold?

We’re expanding every week! To find a store near you, give us a call or contact us at info@modernmermaids.com

If you can't find us on your local shelves, ask your favorite store or supermarket to carry them!

For Retailers:To carry our products in your store, please call us at 888.646.9990 for wholesale information.

Thank you for keeping us swimming ahead!